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Komaeda GACHA Charms [Read Rules]

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[THIS IS A PREORDER ITEM! Orders including this item are expected to ship around late June! Please only order if you are understanding of this wait time]

KOMAEDA GACHA CHARMS! Are you prepared to test your luck?

🍀 Single side design

🍀 5cm size


There are 15 different designs all with equal stock quantity in this Gacha set.

BLIND GACHA you will receive 1 randomly selected design. you might receive a duplicate but unlikely

[5 SET] BLIND GACHA you will receive 5 randomly selected designs. WILL NOT receive duplicates in this group of 5* 

1 FORCE PICK not keen on the lucky draw? pay slightly more to pick a design you want. please specify the type in cart notes. There is no discount for FORCE PICK. YOU CAN ONLY SELECT THIS OPTION MAX 3 PER ORDER (per person**)!

This gacha set is meant for fun and i believe all designs will give you equal amounts of satisfaction.

* THERE IS NO BUY ALL OPTION Purchasing 3 x [5 SET] Blind Gacha will not guarantee that i will send you 1 of each design. Only that within each group of 5 there will be no duplicates. I would personally recommend purchasing multiple [5 set] blind gachas for group orders as you can discuss how to split the draw amongst yourselves afterwards.

**For people hosting GROUP ORDERS all the same rules apply except for the FORCE PICK. per person you are allowed 3 forced picks each but please make sure you write in the cart how many people are in the group order and what each person wants. e.g  Person A wants 1)Servant 2)Shiny 3)Beach. Person B wants 1)Sick etc. 

I hope you enjoy the Komaeda Gacha Experience!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A Shiny hunters dream <3

I adore everything more than words can describe !! Khee gifted me an extra random kheechain (you should steal that FJJSGHKJD) and I literally yelped when I saw it was shiny Hajime ToT <333 As an avid pokemon shiny hunter it made my heart soar✨ The charms are super sturdy and the designs shine bright with hope !!!


I couldn't choose which one I wanted so I ordered the blind gacha! I'll probably order more just for the thrill of it. He is the cutest little guy and looks just like the picture provided. He is PERFECT!!

Bree Maybe
A Bouquet of Komaedas

I got three komaedas, a Hinata and an Izuru. The art is super cute and I’m so pleased with all five of my new children

Mia C.
Guaranteed Success

If you love Komaeda or Hinata then it's just a win-win so it's pretty genius. Also they're all super cute and colourful and the charm itself came out lovely, very epic would recommend