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[Digital Zine] Villain ⚠️V3 SPOILERS

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animatic teaser: 
animatic : 
animatic Q&A:

315 page Digital PDF of Villain, a NDRV3/Tsumugi Shirogane Animatic

  • Intro/Info Warnings
  • Animatic Artwork
  • Unused Scenes
  • Planning Notes
  • Bonus Artwork
  • Final Thoughts

thank you for supporting my work! i put a lot of time and effort into my animatics and tho i dont draw them with profit in mind, youtube will not allow me to monetize them due to music copyright. it's thanks to your support through purchasing these zines and donating to my Ko-fi that i can continue to invest my time into projects like these! 

please do not reupload or redistribute any images or files and please do not share the link to the Draft version of the Animatic, thank you

contents will spoil all of NDRV3. sorry for any typos haha

khee @cactuskhee 2021

please note: file download is limited to 3 times

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