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Trevor Cicogna
Durable, pretty, stylish

Much better quality than expected. Great product for the money. She looks adorable. Some of the best DR artwork I've ever seen.

My prized possession

Fantastic quality. Really does the character justice. Great artwork.


finally, a mousepad for a lesbian like me

(in all seriousness, i love the mousepad! it's very comfortable and high quality, and it's nice to be able to rest my hand on something other than my desk. 10/10 would buy again)

Loving this product!

First time buying a booba mouse pad and I’m happy this was my first one!

Nhya Everette
Heck yeah Komaru

I really love my stand and thank you for including UDG because Komaru is one of mine favorite character and I can’t really find merch for her. I can’t wait to buy more stuff from you in the future.

love it!!

love the double sided faces! very cute :]


Came in without any issues!! They're super cute and amazing quality!!!

good :)

very cute and sparkly, the double-sided design looks great too!! she's a perfect replacement for the fact that i will never own the actual $300 kaede bunny figure

Even more adorable in person

Arrived well-packed, safe and sound, and just as pictured--except they're actually even cuter when you have them in hand ^_^ Gorgeous art, vibrant colours... absolutely perfect!!

great charms!!!

these are so unbelievably cute and sparkly, they look great and got here sooner than i expected even coming all the way to the US! so happy to have a matching set of my three silly guys <3

Cynthia Martinez
Amazing keychains!!

Came in with no problems whatsoever and look awesome!! Very much happy to have gotten them. The acrylic and chain are durable and the package came in protected well, so the condition of the order is just fine!

its her. and them. I love it

Quality is great, they came to me pristine Mukuro and her crew stand proudly on a shelf of mine and it makes me delighted to see it every day! The only regret i have is that i didn't get more Muku standees!

A Shiny hunters dream <3

I adore everything more than words can describe !! Khee gifted me an extra random kheechain (you should steal that FJJSGHKJD) and I literally yelped when I saw it was shiny Hajime ToT <333 As an avid pokemon shiny hunter it made my heart soar✨ The charms are super sturdy and the designs shine bright with hope !!!

What if we kissed under the Komahina statue,,,

My expectations were not only met, but blown away by the quality of these items. TYSM KHEE for you time and dedication to creating this line, and for the absolute generosity of the extra goodies in my order ;o; <3 !!!!!!!!!
The acrylic is super study, absolutely flawless, and the print is bright and clear. They are perfect for my shrine, bless✨✨✨

So soft~

I love the mousepad! It’s so soft and cute! High quality material and the art is top notch!

So Cute!!!!

I LOVE these acrylic stands! They are so cute and the acrylic is crystal clear and high quality. The art is extremely crisp and the colors are vibrant! A lot of thought was put into these designs and they are absolutely perfect! Thank you!

|  ̄∀ ̄ |


Goodest Stand of the Goodest Boy

Love my Taka stand SOOOOOOOO much :D He's so adorable and I get to see him in both colors of his anniversary outfit!! The artwork is literally SO beautiful and perfectly cutely chibified and the quality of the stand is like, superb, like ain't no wear and tear gonna get to THIS Taka!! Yayyyyy thanks so much CactusKhee :))))

Ryouko and a wild DR2 Komaeda!

The art is adorable and the small holographic glitter contributes to the keychains' cutesy effect. The proportions and star-shaped clasp make them stand out from other anime-themed keychains I bought in the past. The charm is thick and looks very solid, with soft edges making it comfortable to hold in your hand.

It’s all precious!!!

Everything came neatly packaged and it was like having an early Christmas! I’m so happy with how it all came out, the quality is great. Everything feels sturdy.
I already knew Khee’s art was super cute, but the keychains and standees really pop in person! They’re a great size, the print quality is vibrant and the art style is bright, clean and easy to read - so you can admire them clearly from afar when you have them on display.
And of course, the customer service was lovely. Khee is always really kind and thoughtful. Thank you for providing the goods, Khee!!! I couldn’t be happier!

My Dress-Up Darling Charm
Anonymous Komaedaling

Marin’s gonna keep my keys safe. Love the art card it came with too!

Holographic Promare Charms
Anonymous Komaedaling

Bought for a friend, and I already know she’ll love them!

Iain Flynn


Edwin Hahn
Big Boi Stands

First of all, super quality stands. The acrylic is sturdy, the artwork is SHARP, the colors are bright/colorful, and the cutlines are smooth. The Stands fit very nice and snug into the base and the protective film is very easy to take off.

Seller clearly puts a lot of love and care into these packages and give a lot of free prints.

They're bigger than my hands tho, so I have to come to terms with the fact that I have tiny baby hands. Would 10/10 buy again.

love love love

I ordered gonta and kokichi charms (among many other ones!) and I love them!! they’re high-quality, glittery and also incredibly cute <3 thank you!